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System Development Services

Enoch Systems offers a complete suite of hardware engineering, design, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and logistic services for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), independent software vendors (ISV) and systems integrators (SI). Our project managers maintain close relationships with their customers and professionally manage every aspect of their project, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and manufacturing processes. Attention to supplier quality, customer build plans, and strict adherence to revision control help maintain excellent product quality.

System Engineering

Enoch Systems is the OEM/ODM engineering partner for your industrial, embedded, server and signage needs. No matter the project size, our engineering team will work with you to create the right solution for your project needs. Whether it is an off-the-shelf system or completely custom, our project managers will work closely with you to ensure that your projects are delivered on time with no surprises. Enoch Systems utilizes state-of-the-art tools and software to manage your project cycle, from engineering to manufacturing. Click learn more to read about our industry service programs and capabilities.

Custom Enclosures

Enoch Systems provides cost-effective custom enclosure design and manufacturing services that will give you a leading edge against the competition. In mid-volume quantities, the pricing is comparable to their commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) equivalent. Our enclosure design abilities span many applications and use cases and are not limited to computer chassis. We design gaming enclosures, display enclosures, telecommunications chassis, IoT and network appliance cases, industrial rackmount chassis, avionics enclosures and military grade enclosures. During the design process, we will provide you with access to interactive online 3D models of your design so you can provide us with real-time feedback on the design. Click here to learn more about our Custom Enclosure services or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you with your project.

Display Development

We offer a full suite of display development and integration services. Starting with the LCD module, Enoch Systems can source or customize an LCD to meet your requirements. We can high-bright displays and/or offer special films coatings on the display to aid with visibility in critical environments. We can integrate and customize touchscreen solutions for you as well as provide custom coverglass for the display. To improve the ruggedness and optical performance of the display we offer optical bonding services for the cover glass/touchscreen and LCD. To ensure interoperability with the computer system we will design and manufacturer display cables such as the LVDS cable, LED backlight driver cables, and touchscreen controller cables required for the computer operate and interact with the display. Click here to learn more about our Display Development services or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you with your project.

Appliance Development

Enoch Systems offers complete design and manufacturing services for your network appliance or embedded appliance needs. Instead of using generic white-box hardware found off the shelf, allow us to create an appliance for you that will not only meet your technical requirements but also reflect your brand identity. Our industrial design team will work with you to capture your technical and branding requirements for the appliance. Once we are in the design process you will have access to interactive online 3D models of your appliance so you can provide us with real-time feedback on the design. After the design is complete we will provide you with prototypes and first-articles for engineering validation and testing. Once those are approved we will move to the next phase which is mass production of your custom appliance. We offer an array of other services that can assist you with your appliance project, such as imaging services, custom BIOS development, custom branded packaging, remote access provisioning, factory depot services, warehousing and blind drop shipping services.

Custom Cable Solutions

We offer custom designed cable assemblies with no minimum order quantity in most cases. Prototype/low volume lead times typically 1-2 weeks with mass production manufacturing supported. We offer LVDS, eDP, TTL, USB, Inverter/Power/LED Drivers cables, FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits)/FFC (Flat Flexible Cable), Touchscreen cables, Custom USB Cables, and Custom Micro Coaxial cable assemblies. Provide us with a rough sketch drawing or the list devices that need to be connected. We will provide you with drawings and pinouts of your cable design as well as samples for testing and validation.

Branding Solutions

Your marketing department is going to love us. Our branding capabilities go well beyond bezels, stickers, and paint; we infuse your brand throughout the entire DNA of the product at every level. Our capabilities give you full control over the out-of-box experience for your customers and our design experience will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your brand messaging. Our branding services include the following touchpoints, product design that matches your brand identity, branded enclosure colors and graphics, internal branding of components, branded shipping and retail packaging, branded documentation and accessory items, branded BIOS and software applications, branded product and shipping labels, branded email and phone support for end users, and branded RMA reverse logistic services.

Circuit Board Development

We offer affordable small circuit board design, schematic layout, PCB layout and manufacturing services. We can help customers design custom I/O boards and breakouts for custom interfaces. Our specialty is in custom mezzanine circuit boards that interface with motherboards to add custom functionality or augmented I/O interfaces. We also specialize in developing custom IoT devices and sensors that require a microcontroller such as Arduino.

Machine Imaging Solutions

Enoch Systems offers full system image management from capturing and deployment to in the field factory image recovery. Whether it's Windows or Linux, we can capture an image of the entire state of the computer system, which includes all the files, drivers, registry settings, partitions, bootloaders, and much more. Captured images are stored in our version control system and documented with the necessary details and version numbers associated with the machine image. Image deployment during production is conducted via one of two methods, over an internal network and or discrete. We provide OEM customers with branded factory recovery software that can restore the operating system and software back to the original factory state from a recovery image. The factory recovery image can be stored on a hidden partition in the computer or on external media such as a DVD or USB flash drive.

BIOS Customization

Enoch Systems offers a full suite of BIOS, UEFI, and Firmware Customization services for customers that require specific functionality from our industrial, embedded, IoT and enterprise computing solutions. Our services range from simple custom BIOS factory default settings and custom splash screen images to more extensive UEFI application development and bare-metal programming. Whether you are trying to build innovative computer hardware or creating prototypes for Internet of Things (IoT) products, we can help you achieve optimal efficiency from concept to full integration and deployment.

Agency Certification

Regulatory compliance certification can be confusing and costly. Rely on Enoch Systems to give you expert advice and guide you through the process, to prevent costly re-testing and delays. We have experience with FCC, CE, CB, CCC, and UL testing and certification. Our knowledge and experience from working with multiple regulatory bodies allows us to prepare your products for testing and certification, ensuring success. In the event of a failure, we have experienced EMC / EMI professionals and engineers to help solve complex problems quickly.

Firmware Development

Our expert coders have extensive experience in modern and innovative bare-metal programming for microcontrollers, IoT devices, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MinnowBoard, Teensy, Particle and many other IoT development platforms. They specialize in Assembly, C, Qt/C++ and Python.

Factory Recovery Software

For OEM customers we offer free custom branded One-Key Factory Recovery Software that can be deployed in a hidden partition or a USB drive. Allow your technicians or end users in the field to easily restore their systems back to factory condition without having to manually reload the operating system, driver, and applications.