Windows Embedded 7 Overview

//Windows Embedded 7 Overview

The Windows Embedded 7 family of products extends Windows 7 technologies to industry devices, providing the platforms and tools to create customized intelligent system solutions that meet business needs–from industrial controls in manufacturing, to thin clients in healthcare, to kiosks and point of sale (POS) systems in retail. Windows Embedded 7 is not to be confused with Windows Embedded Compact 7, which is a componentized, real-time operating system.

Windows Embedded

Designed with the full power of Windows 7 for purpose-built hardware and application software, including ATMs and medical devices.
  • Create branded, visually engaging applications that shorten training time.
  • Protect data on the device with Bitlocker, and securely cache and back up critical data.
  • Leverage the breadth of the Microsoft ecosystem for applications, edge devices and partners.

Windows Embedded
Standard 7

A modular version of Windows 7 that provides the performance, reliability and flexibility needed for industry devices, such as thin clients, casino-gaming devices and HMI devices.
  • Conduct rapid prototyping and image development to identify the ideal hardware configuration.
  • Provide a differentiated user experience and connect to specific peripherals.
  • Compatible with industry standards and your existing Microsoft technologies.

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Windows Embedded
POSReady 7

Optimized for point of sale (POS) solutions with compelling user experiences, simplified deployment, and streamlined connectivity to Windows for kiosks, digital signage and more.
  • Take control of the applications that run on your POS device.
  • Secure data internally and externally—on the hard drive and removable media.
  • Build intuitive, graphically rich user experiences with the Windows Aero user interface.

Windows Embedded 7 Products

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